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Re: Pace vs Individual Players Effectiveness?

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  • mrintp2000
    John Hollinger would be the man to answer specifically how, but the PER is adjusted for the pace of the team. That s one reason I like it so much.
    Message 1 of 2 , Jun 6, 2004
      John Hollinger would be the man to answer specifically how, but the
      PER is adjusted for the pace of the team. That's one reason I like it
      so much.

      In APBR_analysis@yahoogroups.com, "nickouli5" <NikoTMP@g...> wrote:
      > A lot of times I hear people say, `well if he was in a higher paced
      > offense he would probably be better', statistically, and in general.
      > The principal seems to make sense for many players and is probably
      > true.
      > But one example where I am wondering if this same concept would apply
      > is the old Chicago Bull teams. In one of my previous posts I
      > mentioned how I found it interesting how they were the slowest Pace
      > team in 9293 and were near the bottom of Pace in their title runs.
      > Obviously that doesn't mean they were `slow' by any means or couldn't
      > play that Full court game, but they chose a more methodical offensive
      > attack with their Triangle offense and with the best offensive
      > machine in the NBA, Michael Jordan.
      > However if Jordan or Pippen were to play in higher Paced offenses
      > would they be more efficient or better scorers? Or does this rule
      > sort of not apply to them since they dominated the offense anyway?
      > Especially since Chicago generally attacked as much as any other team
      > when the opportunity presented itself with steals, blocks, and long
      > rebounds?
      > How much does PACE factor in when comparing statistical output and
      > efficiency between two players where one is on a FAST PACE team (aka
      > Dallas), or someone who is on a slow Paced team (aka Detroit)?
      > Obviously a team's personnel determines if a team is more apt to
      > employing a fast paced type of offense, or should employ a slower
      > type of game. But aren't there times individual support players
      > (maybe even team leaders?) who are more suited to an alternate type
      > Paced game then what there team employs could probably put up better
      > stats in an opposing system? Perhaps this might apply to guys who
      > aren't really team leaders or MEGA SUPERSTARS cause the supporting
      > cast is pretty much built around them.?
      > What do you guys think about this PACE vs. Effectiveness based on the
      > certain players strengths? Can you think of any specific examples
      > where this might apply?
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