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Re: Detroit vs. LA

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  • Mike G
    ... the ... Don t 2-time Defensive Player of Year s get some respect? Will they let Shaq bull him over? ... Artest is no Kobe, but Prince s size and quickness
    Message 1 of 49 , Jun 4, 2004
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      > > I think Lakers in five. One thing that sticks out to me is that
      > > matchups for Detroit are absolutely terrible. They can't put Ben
      > > Wallace on Shaq or he'll foul out in 20 minutes,

      Don't 2-time Defensive Player of Year's get some respect? Will they
      let Shaq bull him over?

      > Detroit's big men especially have quick hands...

      Artest is no Kobe, but Prince's size and quickness kept him from,
      respectively, shooting AND driving.

      > I honestly don't know what Larry Brown is going to do to increase
      > odds, but I know that if he works the officials the right way or
      > not the wrong way, if he gives up none of the easy stuff to LA off
      > turnovers, which is very doable (please Rasheed, don't lose your
      > focus), he can win this series in 5 before going back to LA.

      We've now heard everything from Lakers in 5, to Pistons in 5 !

      > The
      > defense is that good -- a couple numbers are pretty ridiculous,
      > suggesting that it is practically impossible to hurt them on the
      > offensive glass, something I've never seen (and don't quite

      One (bad) shot and you're out. That's how it was with the Pacers.

      > And the Lakers are very beatable this year with Shaq definitely
      > a bit from years past (for FTs and other reasons). Looking at even
      > the Lakers' nice playoff performance, I see holes left and right
      > can be taken advantage of.

      Most comments seem to focus on the Lakers' Big Two, and how the
      Pistons have no answer. But even they have their weaknesses. Kobe
      trying to do to much. Shaq needing the ball at just the right time,
      and missing so many FT.

      The Lakers Do Not Win without serious contributions from role
      players. Rush. Fisher.

      Malone and Payton will certainly have something to say about it.
      But they have been subdued for the most part.

      Detroit has 2 explosive guards, the Lakers only 1. Even if Malone
      neutralizes Rasheed, look for Ben to slow Shaq significantly, Prince
      to frustrate Kobe -- who will also have his hands full with
      Hamilton -- and Billups to dominate whomever.

      And watch out for Mehmet.
    • mrintp2000
      ... I m not sure what else you can do as a GM. That s why they play the games. ... a ... suggest
      Message 49 of 49 , Jun 9, 2004
        --- If having the best player in the regular season is no guarantee,
        I'm not sure what else you can do as a GM. That's why they play the

        In APBR_analysis@yahoogroups.com, "Mike G" <msg_53@h...> wrote:
        > --- In APBR_analysis@yahoogroups.com, "mrintp2000" <shzys@n...>
        > wrote:
        > >.. I don't know what
        > > to conclude ...though... having the best player is anything but
        > guarantee of a title. ..
        > Well, only 4/34 teams have lost when they had the best individual
        > Finals performer. It's highly likely the top player will be from
        > the Lakers this year.
        > But if you have the best player coming in, but an opponent is the
        > best in the Finals, there is almost no precendent that would
        > you have a chance to win. It's been a 1-in-16 occurrance
        > (Kemp/Jordan in '96).
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