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RE: [APBR_analysis] Re: Article from _The Economist_; yes it's about basketball statistics

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  • Michael Tamada
    ... From: Dean Oliver [mailto:deano@rawbw.com] Sent: Friday, April 02, 2004 8:09 AM [...] ... [...] ... Actually, now I see that there s also a link to that
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      From: Dean Oliver [mailto:deano@...]
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      >> Although _The Economist_ has plenty of reporters in the US, it is a
      >>recommendations, and the NBA player they choose to use as an example
      >>of a "flashy and widely-praised player" is ... Erick Dampier. Who I

      >They may be reading the SF Weekly. The SF Weekly did a piece on
      >82games that is here:
      >Because Roland lives in the Bay Area, the SF Weekly took him and me to
      >a Warriors game, where, naturally, Dampier was the topic of
      >conversation. Neither I nor Roland have Dampier being all that
      >valuable, though others here may value him a lot. So it ended up in
      >Tommy's story and that may be what the Economist picked up on for
      >their work.

      Actually, now I see that there's also a link to that article on the
      82games.com website, so _The Economist_ may've found the article there.

      So Erick Dampier may be getting some notoriety -- is he destined to be
      the basketball version of the sabrmetric whipping boy, the player held
      in high esteem by sportswriters and some GMs but viewed as overrated by
      sabrmetricians? Someone like Vince Coleman, or Garrett Anderson (except
      Anderson keeps improving and is now a good player even by sabrmetric

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