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"Invisible" contributions deduced

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  • Mike Goodman
    As promised, a stab at ranking players unmeasured contributions, by assuming that minutes = value , dividing minutes by productivity , etc. Using my own
    Message 1 of 1 , Nov 4, 2001
      As promised, a stab at ranking players' unmeasured contributions, by
      assuming that minutes = "value", dividing minutes by "productivity",

      Using my own ranking of players who played at least 1000 minutes last
      year, I divided mpg by their productivity rank and, listing top to
      bottom, I got a bunch of players from crappy teams.

      So, I took their teams relative scores (team pts/(team+opp pts)),
      which range from .475 (Bulls) to .521 (Spurs). I took the 4th power
      of this # and divided by 16. So an average team has an index of

      So Bulls' ratios receive a factor of .816, Spurs' are multiplied by

      Here are the top (avoiding use of the word "defensive") unheralded

      player team mpg prod ???
      Bruce Bowen Mia 33 16.2 2.135
      Hubert Davis Dal 25 15.4 1.752
      John Starks Uta 28 18.0 1.731
      Doug Christie Sac 36 23.7 1.722
      George Lynch Phl 32 21.1 1.683
      Howard Eisley Dal 30 19.7 1.641
      Eric Snow Phl 35 23.8 1.606
      Dan Majerle Mia 25 16.3 1.590
      Bryant Stith Bos 32 19.3 1.589
      Larry Johnson NY 32 21.8 1.579
      P.J. Brown Cha 35 23.5 1.568
      Charles Oakley Tor 35 23.8 1.565
      Jason Williams Sac 30 21.5 1.552
      Randy Brown Bos 23 14.2 1.545
      Michael Curry Det 22 13.7 1.543
      Mario Elie Phe 22 15.1 1.535
      Shandon AndersonHou 29 20.0 1.532
      Horace Grant LA 31 21.8 1.522
      Michael Finley Dal 42 30.1 1.519
      Latrell Sprewell NY 39 27.5 1.513
      Tyrone Hill Phl 31 22.6 1.507

      Is this anything but a random list of players?

      Bowen, Christie, Lynch, Snow, Majerle, Stith, and others do seem to
      belong on a "defensive" list.

      Davis? Starks? Eisley? LJ?? Jason Williams????

      Clearly the effect of top-down management alluded to by Dean Oliver
      is at work here. Whether these guys are former go-to guys, crowd-
      pleasers, or have new, inflated contracts, they seem not to belong.
      Seeing a number of players from good defensive teams is not

      Disclaimer #1: probably the East is over-represented, because I did
      not attempt to factor in strength of schedule.

      #2: With a limit of 48 minutes in a game, players who are good
      offensively AND otherwise are not going to get much more minutes.
      Perhaps the mpg should be scaled, or rooted.
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