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immediate LeBron convert

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  • roland_beech
    ...one game is all it took and I m a believer. I would change my rookie of the year vote in a heartbeat -- I don t think it will be any contest barring
    Message 1 of 1 , Nov 1, 2003
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      ...one game is all it took and I'm a believer. I would change my
      rookie of the year vote in a heartbeat -- I don't think it will be
      any contest barring injury.

      On another note, with every team having played a game (Memphis
      finally got started last night) we've updated the 82games site with
      the 03-04 stats.

      LeBron's initial unadjusted "Roland Rating" is +34.7! (Not that it
      means much, Rasheed Wallace is +79 after the one game...)

      To answer another question, we do have various adjusted ratings
      we've built, that we're continuing to work on, and we've already got
      a couple of "hoops stats" professors wanting to take their turn at
      creating Sagarin/Winston style ratings. I imagine we will start
      publishing some of these more refined looks soon enough (and it will
      be interesting to compare them). On the other hand, there's always
      likely to be some material we keep to a limited audience.

      Presenting the unadjusted numbers first makes sense, since any kind
      of adjustment is pretty much becoming entailing some assumptions and
      subjectivity -- Lewis just scored 50 against the Clippers...we could
      adjust that down because he was facing the Clips, in Japan, without
      Ray Allen in the lineup, without Brand blocking his shots...and we'd
      end up with another average game, but what's the joy in that!

      I would add that the anti-Ostertag contingent are right of course
      that he's not the 7th best played in the league (which begs the
      question of course, if the NBA scrapped the team idea and went to
      pure one-one-one ball, who would rank at the top of the league and
      what type of players? can't see Shaq doing well in full court one-
      on-one!), but even with the adjustments we can make for other
      players on the floor at the time, he still ranks as one of the most
      significant players to his team last season...and he's off to a good
      start this year too!
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