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  • Dean Oliver
    ... would ... assumption ... points ... evidence ... It is ... between ... But ... drop ... that ... Where did James do this? You re making the same point
    Message 1 of 2 , Jun 26, 2003
      --- In APBR_analysis@yahoogroups.com, Dean Carrano <dean@m...> wrote:
      > Bill James has debunked that study (which btw "showed" that Cobb
      > hit like .260 today, not .330). It's based on the incorrect
      > that players don't hit worse as they age. i.e., if Cobb hits 50
      > lower in 1915 than he did in 1905, that this can be taken as
      > that the league is better, not that evidence that Cobb is worse.
      It is
      > true that when you look at GROUPS of players, the differences
      > the hitting levels of different age groups is remarkably small.
      > this is only because those players who don't keep hitting tend to
      > out of the group altogether. I think it's exceedingly unlikely
      > this study has anything of use to offer to anybody.

      Where did James do this? You're making the same point that MikeT
      made and that I very grossly tried to compensate for in the FG%
      study. I'm not sure that this is a flaw that can't be compensated in
      other ways, but I can't say I see how.

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