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Re: Individual workouts

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  • Dean Oliver
    ... copyright2000), you ll ... j.r. rider. ... defense. a ... of the team, ... everything i ... lets hope ... Let s hope from everyone s perspective that s the
    Message 1 of 7 , Jun 22, 2003
      --- In APBR_analysis@yahoogroups.com, bchaikin@a... wrote:
      > talking about lebron james:
      > If he somehow turns out to be less than awesome (Isaiah Rider)....
      > if you read lenny wilkens' autobiography ("Unguarded",
      copyright2000), you'll
      > get a 1st hand perspective of what it was like to have to coach
      j.r. rider.
      > in a word - unpleasant. selfish, certainly not team oriented, no
      defense. a
      > hard worker, but strictly for his own personal goals and not those
      of the team,
      > and not one to take instruction let alone direction from a coach.
      everything i
      > have seen and/or heard about lebron to date is just the opposite.
      lets hope
      > (at least from the cavaliers' perspective) that's the case...

      Let's hope from everyone's perspective that's the case. Paul Silas
      was probably a good hire there, but I dunno for sure.

      > i sure hope you're right but in all honesty i think you're

      As you pointed out, they have some good talent there.

      What also appears to have happened is that they tanked a lot of the

      They have several prominent young players who are likely to get
      better, including Boozer, Davis, Miles (whose season was a HUGE
      dropoff from his Clipper days), and (maybe) Wagner.

      > we're
      > talking about a team that won all of 17 games last year and got
      outscored by a
      > huge 9.6 points per game, by far the worst point differential in
      the league
      > last year and also the worst point differential in the league by a
      team in six
      > seasons (since the 97-98 nuggets). add to that the fact that the
      cavs haven't
      > won more than 32 games in the last 4 years, and have consecutively
      lost more
      > games each season in these past four seasons (32, 30, 29, and 17).

      Not a sustainable pattern.

      > if they won 30
      > games in 03-04 i'd be happy, 35 and i'd be ecstatic. anything
      better than
      > that would be gravy.

      Dumb luck gets them to a 25 win season. Not sure what the over/under
      will be on the Cavs this coming year, but if it's 25, I take the over.

      > i don't think there's any chance a 19 year old kid could
      > have the same effect on a pro team like a larry bird or david
      robinson - someone
      > who could turn a team completely around. those two had far more
      > under their respective belts...

      Look at the comparisons, though, between Bird's Boston team and
      Robinson's Spurs team. You've pointed them out yourself. A series
      of ever worsening years, some decent young and old talent. I'll note
      also that the teams also got new coaches around that time (not a
      surprise with ever worsening teams). I'll note that the defenses on
      those teams before the arrival of the saviors were horrible, at their
      peak worst right before the arrival (Cleveland was pretty equally bad
      in '02 and '03, however). I also wouldn't doubt that the Cavs trade
      one of their young guys with potential to get an older guy who helps
      right away.

      > i'm guessing they'll slip james right into the small forward spot
      and just
      > plain leave him there, alongside ilgauskas, boozer, ricky davis,
      and god know
      > who at pg, maybe wagner (the rumor here is they are looking to
      acquire a veteran
      > pg for 25-30 min/g to ease any ball-handling responsibilities to
      > slowly).

      ...like I said...

      > with ilgauskas and davis being looked upon for scoring, boozer for
      > and rebounding, and hopefully a point guard no worse than henry
      bibby in his
      > prime, james should be able to progress on his own and not be
      looked upon to
      > take over games in his rookie year. hopefully he'll have his
      moments though...

      I don't know James all that well. I didn't see him as much on TV as
      others. What I saw was exceptional. But, more relevantly for the
      Cavs, what I see in their numbers, in the pattern of the season, is a
      team that should not have been so bad last year and is primed to get
      better with a small infusion of talent. They are getting a big
      infusion of talent.

      So who in the East is going to take the dive as a result? Haven't
      thought through that yet. If it's New Orleans, though, look for
      Silas to get a few votes for Coach of the Year even though he has
      King James.

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