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Re: Garnett/Robinson (fwd)

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  • Dean Oliver
    This and the next were meant for the group... (The site is weird today.) ... Date: Thu, 15 May 2003 16:10:36 -0000 From: bchaikin1
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      This and the next were meant for the group... (The site is weird today.)

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      Date: Thu, 15 May 2003 16:10:36 -0000
      From: bchaikin1 <bchaikin@...>
      To: APBR_analysis-owner@yahoogroups.com
      Subject: Re: Garnett/Robinson

      That's all very well and good, Bob; but we were not debating whether
      Garnett was as good as Robinson was.

      Reggie Miller and Robert Horry (until this year) are other examples
      of players who were not as good as David Robinson, but who have
      improved in the playoffs.

      If you have regular-season/playoff statistical comparisons of these
      guys, that would pertain to the subject. Bring out your jock-
      carrying numbers, too.

      sorry.... i don't see it..... not at all....

      i seem to remember each of those two players hitting game winning
      shots (more than once for each, too) during the playoffs but in terms
      of overall production in the playoffs vs. the regular season they are
      both pretty much both a washout...

      G min/g FG% pts/g tendex/min
      miller (reg) 1173 35 .475 19.3 .436
      miller (ply) 109 39 .458 23.5 .434

      horry (reg) 695 28 .439 8.1 .350
      horry (ply) 153 32 .438 9.4 .355

      if tendex/production rating/min stays about the same but their
      scoring rises, it means other parts of their game have dropped of,
      like rebounding, assist, steals, blocks, etc...

      so i don't see them having improved their games in the playoffs at
      all. their increases in scoring are accompanied by decreases in other
      facets of their game (that we have measurable stats for that is)...

      i think your perception of these players hitting the game winning
      shots may be skewing your conception of their overall playoff output
      (not that hitting last second game winning shots is not very
      important, because it is - horry almost did it again just the other
      night, would have given the lakers a 3-2 lead on the spurs)...

      bob chaikin
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