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2003 Questions

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  • aaronkoo
    As I ve finally gotten a chance to compile some numbers from this past season, these are some of the interesting questions I haven t had a chance to follow up
    Message 1 of 64 , May 10, 2003
      As I've finally gotten a chance to compile some numbers from this
      past season, these are some of the interesting questions I haven't
      had a chance to follow up on:

      1. What the hell happened to Darius Miles? He wasn't a good player
      in LA in 2002, but he was supposed to be getting better, not posting
      an Olowokandi type year.

      2. What should the Denver Nuggets keep of their current roster
      besides Nene Hilario?

      3. Was Chauncey Billups this good last year? Were there signs?

      4. There are some good pieces in Atlanta. What to do to fix them?

      5. What is Eric Musselman going to do now? He's done the easy
      part. Improving off this year is going to be the trick. In
      particular, how does he get these guys to recognize defensive

      6. Did Yao Ming affect negatively the games of some of his teammates
      by being an offensive force and clogging the middle?

      7. Did Andre Miller and Elton Brand actually start playing better
      toward the end of the year?

      8. Was it the defense that fell apart for the Clips? Why?

      9. Is Tracy McGrady really such a bad defender (as my initial cut
      stats suggested)? Was he just relaxing on D because he had to do so
      much offensively?

      10. Weird that all players in the Memphis-Orlando trade seemed to
      play better with their new teams. Is it sustainable?

      11. What's Riley going to do to get some shooters into Miami? Does
      he just fear having shooters? Do shooters hate playing for Riley
      because he picks on them too much?

      12. Is George Karl an example of a coach who is very good with a
      specific type of team -- one that is quick and defensive minded,
      turning them into decent offensive players -- but bad with the
      opposite? Does he know what he's good at and what he's not?

      13. Hmm, is it fair to look at Kevin Garnett the way we looked at
      David Robinson? A great player who couldn't bring the rest of the
      team up to his level? Is it happening anyway? Does this mean that
      if Garnett gets hurt, this team will go into the tank as Robinson-
      less Spur teams did in the '90's?

      14. If Reggie Miller joined the Nets, would they win more? What's
      missing on the offensive end for these guys?

      15. How did the Knicks end up halfway decent? Are they becoming an
      offensive team after all those years with defense? Can Allan Houston

      16. Did Jamal Magloire keep improving?

      17. Someone please shoot Larry Brown so that we can see how good the
      Sixers would be without him. (I really like UNC's choice of Roy
      Williams over Larry Brown for its coach, but getting Brown would have
      had the added benefit of seeing what happened to Philly.)

      18. Was that Randy Brown on the Suns? The same Randy Brown from the
      Bulls many years ago? How old is that guy? He was never very good?
      Shouldn't he be a broadcaster by now?

      19. How is it that so many measures of quality say that Antoine
      Walker is pitiful, yet even I wonder whether they'd be as good if
      they replaced him with even Walter McCarty?

      20. Can a team like the Kings without a clear leader win a title?

      21. Easy one: how well did the Spurs do with and without David
      Robinson this year?

      22. First cut analysis says Utah drops to below 30 wins without
      Stockton and Malone. It doesn't take much of a stretch to see them
      drop to 15 wins, as the Bulls did when they lost multiple key
      players. Kirilenko is a good player, but could he step up if he had
      to do a lot more? Coaching could be key here.

      Too bad I have no time to look at much of this.

    • John Hollinger
      I was forced to watch a huge number of Hawks games this year. One thing nobody talked about was how bad this team s bench was. Nazr Mohammed just flat out
      Message 64 of 64 , May 22, 2003
        I was forced to watch a huge number of Hawks games this year. One
        thing nobody talked about was how bad this team's bench was. Nazr
        Mohammed just flat out sucked, and Alan Henderson wasn't much better.
        Darvin Ham can't make a shot if it isn't a dunk, and Dan Dickau was a
        total flop. The only halfway decent bench player was Ira Newble, and
        he started half the season.

        As for the Terry point/not a point issue, the real problem was that
        he was the only guy who could handle the ball, especially when Newble
        was starting at off guard, and that was why they made so many TOs.
        The Hawks just need somebody else who can dribble and take the
        pressure off; which guard spot he plays is almost irrelevant.

        As for Big Dog, he should be a bench dog. The team played better
        without him, and at this point Newble is better anyway.

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        <lilnemoinslumber@y...> wrote:
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        > >
        > > 4. There are some good pieces in Atlanta. What to do to fix
        > Take the ball out of Terry, Robinson, and Rahim's hands.
        > Atlanta's "Big Three" are averaging a Big 3 TO's apiece.
        > The Big Question is who exactly will be at the helm? Do they keep
        > Stotts? Do they go after a Big guard to play point and keep Terry
        > the 2? Do they undergo a Big overhaul in their offensive schemes to
        > try and eliminate the TO inducing iso's? Or do they punt?
        > One at a time:
        > We can't divine who will end up as coach, but we'll assume Stotts
        > staying on. He brought the Hawks a bit of cohesion as their second
        > half finish can attest.
        > I like the idea of a big guard playing point to Terry's 2. But it
        > seems most tall ball-handling guards either look to score for
        > themselves or are too easily harassed by quicker, smaller guards.
        > Admittedly, getting Glenn to play D, or Theo to stay healthy would
        > the answer. But playing better team D, and cutting down on
        > really ought to be enough to get this crew into the playoffs. In
        > east at least.
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