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Re: [APBR_analysis] Re: Walker's Boston Correlation

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      > I'd be interested to see the data from the year before and see if it
      > held up. One thing that may be producing a larger 'effect' than
      > expected is that Walker has obviously been playing with some kind of
      > injury during the second half of the year -- all his numbers went in
      > the toilet and have continued to do so in the playoffs -- and during
      > that same stretch the Celtics, not surprisingly, played far worse
      > than during the season's first half.
      > So we aren't seeing results of teams shutting down Walker as much as
      > we are seeing the result of Walker's health shutting him down, and
      > thus are an artifact of his current hobbled state rather than of his
      > importance to the Celtics.

      Looks like you're on to something.

      01-02 season, Celtics stats with Antoine Walker's subtracted

      Pts OppPts EffFG% OppEffFG%
      <avg 92.7 93.0 47.5% 46.6%
      >avg 100.0 95.3 49.1% 46.8%

      Here we see something different: when Walker has a bad game, the rest of the Cs also
      have bad games -- perhaps because the teams they face have better defenses.... Nope,
      just checked - the teams against which AW had his better games were defenses just as
      strong as those against which he had his poor performances: 103.0 vs 102.3, although
      the difference is not significant.

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