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Re: seasonal awards

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  • ankurvdesai
    tough calls. mvp: i ll take duncan, i guess, but it s close. roy: yao. relative to position, hands down the best rookie. can you imagine the kind of impact
    Message 1 of 15 , Apr 29, 2003
      tough calls.

      mvp: i'll take duncan, i guess, but it's close.

      roy: yao. relative to position, hands down the best rookie. can you
      imagine the kind of impact amare might have had if he spent a couple
      of years with caliparo first?

      6th man: kirilenko. terrific defense, efficient shooting.

      improved: harpring. the only guy this year i feel like you can ask
      the question "where the heck did that come from?" about and not have
      a decent answer.

      coach: this is tough. you have to like the job frank johnson did in
      phoenix this season, integrating a rookie and a headcase into one of
      the 12 or so best teams in basketball. maurice cheeks also deserves
      some credit for yet another season of zero fatalities. i'll give it
      to flip saunders, though, for taking garnett and not much else to
      hca. they're the fifth best team in basketball. unfortunately, the
      four ahead of them all play in the same conference.

      exec: i hate this award, since it's so short-sighted; good nba moves
      often-- maybe even usually-- take over a year to really work
      themselves out. for the last year, the best single move was probably
      dumping vin baker on a totally unsuspecting chris wallace, but the
      rest of sund's moves haven't really been any great shakes. i'm
      tempted to give it to nelly for finally leaving his team alone.
      paxson got his cavs off to a pretty good start towards rebuilding,
      netting a couple of decent talents in the draft and apparently
      dumping andre miller at exactly the right time. i guess i'd give it
      to petrie for somehow improving an already-great team and giving it
      the depth it needed to treat an injury-plagued regular season to what
      i see as a totally inevitable nba championship, while netting an
      extra first-rounder to boot.

      all nba: pretty uncontroversial. kobe, tmac, kg, duncan, and shaq.
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