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Re: [APBR_analysis] Re: Play By Play Database

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      > --- "Dean Oliver <deano@...>" <deano@...>
      > wrote:
      > > What is going to be your source reference for the
      > > play-by-plays?
      > >
      > > DeanO
      > >
      > My first pass is with the NBA web site.  The data is
      > in a form that I can get to fairly easily (Sportsline
      > is much more difficult, for example).  We need to see
      > if that informatin will be useful for use.
      Some other thoughts:
      • I think the type of FGa (layup, dunk, etc.) needn't be recorded, at least until the scorekeeping at nba.com is more accurate. However, would it be that much more trouble to record it? It could possibly serve some future purpose.
      • Made FGs have assists lists next to them in the nba.com play by plays -- this would be extremely useful information:
                    (11:48) [NOH 2-0] Magloire Hook Shot: Made (2 PTS) Assist: Pack (1 AST)
      I'd love to know the percentage of unassisted FGs for each player. I'd also love to know which player-to-player assist-combinations are prolific.
      • FGs missed by way of block are similarly listed:
              (7:44) [NOH] Mashburn Layup Shot: Missed Block: Davis (1 BLK)
      It would be great to know which players get blocked most -- and by which players. Turnovers and steals are shown the same way.
      • Timeout information could also provide some insights as to how well teams adjust after dead balls.
              (5:57) [NOH] Team Timeout: Regular
              (5:43) [NOH 15-13] Mashburn Fade Away: Made (2 PTS)
      • I don't know how to overcome the problem posed by identical surnames. This is the one area in which the nba.com logs are worse than the others on cbs.sportsline.com. It may be worth disregarding the problem because of the advantages of the nba.com logs, even though that means I'll never know whether Jerome Williams fed Alvin Williams for the layup, or vice versa.
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