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Re: Andre Miller and Clipper free agents

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  • mikel_ind
    ... one ... amazingly managed to win ... Of course, there was only one Hakeem. But I d rate Drexler in 95 as equal to Pippen, outside of Pip s best 3-4
    Message 1 of 5 , Aug 1 8:41 PM
      --- In APBR_analysis@y..., "Michael K. Tamada" <tamada@o...> wrote:
      > The current paradigm in the NBA is that you need to have at least
      > ultra-superstar, preferably two, to win a championship. ... (Hakeem
      amazingly managed to win
      > with nothing but supporting players).

      Of course, there was only one Hakeem. But I'd rate Drexler in '95 as
      equal to Pippen, outside of Pip's best 3-4 years. And in '94 it was
      Otis Thorpe, as good as Horace Grant -- outside of Grant's best
      couple of years.

      Then you had Kenny Smith, Vernon Maxwell, and Sam Cassell in the
      backcourt; Mario Elie and playoff monster Robert Horry at forward.
      This all makes the Rockets a deeper team than the Bulls ever were.

      >... the Clips ... best
      > players are not at that ultra-superstar level. Brand is very
      good, ... but not ultra-superstar.
      >... who's to say
      > that the ultra-superstar paradigm will continue ... teams that have
      won championships without ultra-superstar
      > talent, the 1979 Sonics ... the Pistons in that category
      > also: Isiah's a Hall of Famer and arguably was an ultra-
      superstar ... >


      Now whatever happened to plain old run-of-the-mill superstar? It's
      superlative inflation, I say!

      I have a numerical cutoff for superstar, allstar, basic star, etc.
      They are nice round numbers in my "T#nd#x-like" system.

      I have also come up with Megastar and Ultrastar (I may get them mixed
      up occasionally). Isiah was a borderline-superstar at best, though
      he could get it going, in playoffs especially.

      Ultrastars of the Jordanesque variety are rare -- indeed, no other
      guard comes close. Wilt, Kareem, David Robinson, and Shaq have
      reached that level, along with MJ himself. Karl Malone grazed that

      Megastars have been Bird, Magic, Barkley, Ewing, Hakeem, and now,
      Duncan. McAdoo was a maybe, and Oscar.

      This is a pretty thin list, the players who have gone beyond the
      superstar level.

      Other undisputed superstars have been Mikan, Pettit, Baylor, West,
      Archibald, Lanier, Erving, Walton, Gilmore, Moses, Bernard King,
      McHale, Drexler, Kemp, Pippen, Mourning, Grant Hill, Garnett.

      The list still isn't unwieldy, and some of these guys qualified only
      for a year or two. It's an exclusive bunch.

      Then there's a gray zone of marginal, close, maybe-superstars. Quite
      a few I would include there, and still you have to draw a line
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