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Re: The Rodman Effect

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  • harlanzo
    Rodman was certainly an interesting player. I wonder how much of an asset he was to his teams. I actually thought that Rodman on the Pistons when he was able
    Message 1 of 6 , May 23, 2002
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      Rodman was certainly an interesting player. I wonder how much of an
      asset he was to his teams. I actually thought that Rodman on the
      Pistons when he was able to score a little. (Between 86 and 93
      Rodman average about 8 to 9 ppg. After 93, He never really scored
      more than 5 ppg). My feeling is that formulaic ratings of Rodman
      tended to overrate him because he had so few shots missed and
      turnovers when these stats were a function of his teammates often
      playing 4 on 5 on offense and his being an offensive non-factor. I
      liked Rodman but thought he was most effective as a role player.

      Dean noted that the Bulls were actually better in terms of w-l
      without Rodman during their second 3-peat. In fact, in the 97
      playoffs Rodman was effectively displaced by Brian Williams to no
      detriment. (Rodman was fighting with the refs and would rack up
      fouls too quickly to play. Rodman was actually pretty valuable in
      the 98 playoffs when Krause traded away the teams only other power
      forward Caffey).

      The Spurs also did not really miss him much either. They traded him
      away and replaced him with JR Reid and a broken down Charles Smith
      and the team won 59 games (as opposed to the 58.5 wins they averaged
      in Rodman's 2 years in SA). He actually had breakdowns in the
      playoffs both years on the Spurs. The first year they lost to Utah
      and he kind of freaked out and got frustrated and tried to injure
      both Stockton and Malone. (This was also when Madonna was sitting
      courtside at all his playoff games). The next year, Rodman got hurt
      riding a motorcycle during the season and cameback for the playoffs
      but got in a fight with his coach Bob Hill and often took of his
      shoes on the bench and refused to join the huddles in the series
      where Hakeem dominated DRobinson.

      Of course, a lot of anti-Rodman stuff is not always fair. His fights
      with Bob Hill were a result of both him and Hill. He always played
      hard even though he was a little wierd. However, We should recognize
      that there were 2 Rodmans the role player on the bad boys who scored
      a little more, rebounded a little less, and was an incredible
      defender (I have no evidence of this other than perception). The
      later Rodman scored and defended less but rebounded like a fiend.
      The first was an all-star quality player and the second was pretty
      good but it did not seem that the teams he played on suffered much
      from his absence. It would been fun to see how much value he had as
      a role player but by the time he reached that point of his career he
      was too crazy to be an asset in a low-profile 15-20 mpg role (see his
      Laker and Maverick tenures).

      As for Rodman's stastical effect on his teams stars the best comp I
      can come up with was Charles Oakley when Riley first got to the
      knicks and kind of forbade him to shoot the ball. Here are Oakley's
      knicks stats pre-riley and with Riley when he refused to shoot as
      compared with the Knicks primary scorer of that time Ewing:

      Oakley Ewing

      ppg rpg fg% ppg rpg fg%
      88-89 12.9 10.5 51% 22.7 9.3 56.7%
      89-90 14.6 11.9 52.4% 28.6 10.9 55.1%
      90-91 11.2 12.1 51.6% 26.6 11.2 51.4%

      with Riley
      91-92 6.2 8.5 52.2% 24.0 11.2 52.2%
      92-93 6.9 8.6 50.8% 24.2 12.1 50.3%

      Don't really know what this might mean but its the best comparison I
      could come up with. Others I thought about were Dudley on NJ and his
      effect on DC, Bo Outlaw on Orlando, and a few others but they seemed
      too flawed to really compare.
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