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91Re: [APBR_analysis] Re: Adrian Dantley study

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  • bchaikin@aol.com
    May 4, 2001

      not quite sure on the topic of this dantley discussion, other than dean
      asking early about whether he belonged in the HOF, but on the comment
      "...your numbers pretty much rule out dantley being a significant impact team
      player...", i'm really not quite sure i understand that statement...

      was dantley a "team" player? in the strictest sense i'd say no and i believe
      most would agree on that. he got his points and i'd bet half were on
      isolation plays as opposed to being in what most would think of as the "flow"
      of a team offense. he looked to score, and like most players that think of
      scoring first those points probably came at the expense of other teammates
      getting involved in the team offense....

      keep in mind, however, that a scorer like dantley, when surrounded by
      complementary players, is a huge asset to a team. if you didn't know i was
      talking about dantley, and i told you a player averaged 24 pts/g while
      shooting 54% over his entire and very long 15-16 year career, and for one
      long seven year stretch upped those numbers to 30 pts/g and 56% shooting,
      you'd think that player was great. we're not talking about dominique wilkins
      here who despite a ton of dunks shot 46% for his career. over his career
      dantley played on teams that totaled about a .500 record, but he was the
      leading scorer and offensive threat on almost all of those teams...

      i remember around 1989-90 alot of people saying michael jordan would never
      win anything - that he was a scorer (at that point 6 years in the league and
      career avgs of 33 pts/g and 52% shooting) but not a "team" player. well as
      soon as he got a decent team around him chicago won big. now dantley was not
      michael jordan, but when surrounded by a great team (detroit) he did win

      but was he an "impact" player? that depends on what your definition of an
      impact player is. if your definition of an impact player is bird, magic, and
      m.j., then no he was not....

      but when i think of an "impact" player i think of someone who has an impact
      on the game itself whenever they play, and believe me - for a 10 year stretch
      there, for every team he played on, the opponents of those teams geared their
      defense to stopping him and him specifically, and few did. in the early and
      mid 1980s, i specifically remember dantley being considered a true superstar
      in the league, and i remember how very often he got double teamed and still
      scored while shooting a high FG%....

      i remember chuck daly was quoted once as saying that what dantley did - score
      without taking time off the clock, i.e. he got to the free throw line late in
      games - was extremely important. and its true (however i also remember
      dantley sitting alot of 4th quarters because he didn't play D for

      he won two scoring crowns, had amazing stats, and played little if any
      defense. does he belong in the hall of fame? well if similar players like
      george gervin, dominique wilkins, and alex english do, then so does

      bob chaikin

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