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909Re: touches per minute

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  • alleyoop2
    Apr 29, 2002
      Seems to me it wouldn't be that hard to estimate if you know
      opponents' personal fouls, which are in Doug Steele's stats every

      Times Fouled = (My FTA / Team FTA) / Opponent PF

      Technical fouls are the only thing that would make it tricky, and
      then only for a guy like Jason Williams who almost never gets to the
      line but shoots all his team's technical foul shots (I did a study on
      this for the book and was amazed: Williams got nearly 30% of his FTA
      from T's)

      --- In APBR_analysis@y..., bchaikin@a... wrote:
      > the key factor is of course a player's FTA, because FTA are the
      results of
      > fouls (technical fouls are but a very small sampling), but i also
      take into
      > consideration the player's team's total FTA (tougher when someone
      plays for
      > two or more teams in a season), plus the team's total possessions...
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