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90Re: Adrian Dantley study

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  • harlanzo@yahoo.com
    May 3 3:14 PM
      Just wondering if Bernard King comes up any differently than
      Dantley. They are very similar players--with the exception that King
      wasn't really considered selfish or a malcontent. He also has the NY
      ethos on his side. (Who could forget his duel with Bird in 84).
      Most of the teams he played on improved when he came. But he never
      made a team more than a solid first round playoff team. I am not
      sure if an objective look at the evidence indicates he (as the focus
      of team) pushes a team towards a championship. The question is
      whether that makes him better, worse, or the same as Dantley.

      > Thanks, Ed. Exactly what I was curious about.
      > It can be difficult to evaluate players this way because players
      > are traded often are traded for something viewed as equivalent (at
      > least before this era of sign-and-trade/free agency threats). But
      > your numbers pretty much rule out Dantley being a significant
      > team player.
      > Dean Oliver
      > Journal of Basketball Studies
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