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885Re: touches per minute

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  • HoopStudies
    Apr 24, 2002
      --- In APBR_analysis@y..., bchaikin@a... wrote:
      > i calculate possession factor (touches per min) by:
      > poss fact =
      > shots + passes + turnovers + times fouled = FGA + AST/X + TO
      > where X and Y are calculated yearly and by team...

      Let me also ask whether the factor matches what you would see in a
      game. For instance, if we calculate a player's touches per minute to
      be 2 per minute, would that mean that, if he played 35 minutes, he
      would touch the ball, on average, 70 distinct times in those 35

      I ask because the formula seems to not include rebounds. Obviously,
      guys touch the ball when they get rebounds. If X and Y are team and
      year specific, then it is possible to have a couple guys with very
      different rebounding totals with similar possession factors. For
      instance, Jon Barry and Ben Wallace aren't terribly different in the
      main factors you list. Wallace has lower totals in all but FTA. But
      he had 800 more rebounds than Barry. How do these guys stack up?

      What was the original goal of the stat? Is it better to say that it
      is an estimate of touches on the offensive end?

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