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849Re: [APBR_analysis] Re: NCAA -> NBA translation

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  • Ed Weiland
    Apr 12, 2002
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      --- HoopStudies <deano@...> wrote:
      > >
      > Still, assuming the scouts were right and that
      > Hutson doesn't have
      > NBA skills, it appears to be due to him being
      > undersized (maybe not
      > quick enough) for the skills he exhibited. There is
      > some mismatch
      > between height (measurable), strength (possibly
      > measurable),
      > quickness (uhhh), and style of game (uh-oh).
      > Jefferson had the
      > height, quickness, and style of game to go to the
      > next level. Hutson
      > didn't meet these requirements (apparently), even if
      > he had the
      > stats.

      Hutson was listed at 6'8 240. Hardly tiny, but not
      exactly what you want in your PF either. Especially
      since Hutson is the unathletic grinder type. He played
      in Europe this past season and I think Milwaukee (the
      team that drafted Hutson in the 2nd round) has plans
      for him. We may get to see him yet.
      > I do think that boxscores are going to be critical
      > to doing better in
      > all of this. That's not going to be a fun task to
      > work on...almost
      > as little fun as collecting the DNA that MikeG
      > wants. Although with
      > all the paternity suits floating around, maybe
      > getting DNA won't be
      > so bad.
      > So, does anyone have good college stats we can all
      > look at? They are
      > pretty hard to get, actually, in any consistent
      > format.

      The Usenet draft page :


      This page lists stats on prospects going back to the
      '94 draft. They have the complete stats, including
      turnovers. That might be a start. I'm not sure they
      have all the players listed though.

      Ed Weiland

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