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842NCAA -> NBA translation

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  • HoopStudies
    Apr 10, 2002
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      --- In APBR_analysis@y..., Ed Weiland <weiland1029@y...> wrote:
      > Superstar teammates. Vince Carter played second fiddle
      > to Antawn Jamison at Carolina. His numbers were OK,
      > but hardly eye-popping, other than the .591 FG pct.
      > his junior year. Vince gets to the pros and he's a
      > superstar.

      Ed did a good job listing factors. This superstar teammate factor is
      one that I want to understand using those curves I put out many
      emails ago. I think there are shifts in the curves we can identify
      based on context. I think there is also a basic shift just going up
      a level. Carter was extremely efficient in college at a fairly high,
      but not overly high, number of possessions per minute. Jordan was
      the same. Both of these guys were tall for the 2G slot, so they
      wouldn't then see the kind of decline a 6'3" 2G like David Sanders
      (Ole Miss) will see, who is similarly efficient.

      Big men like the 7-footers do not have the height problem since they
      join the league without serious changes in their opposition, except
      in strength, which we account for with the NCAA-NBA shift, I think.

      This is a worthy project. Anyone want to add to the measurable or
      possibly measurable factors we should consider?

      Dean Oliver
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