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829Re: A few questions

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  • mikel_ind
    Apr 4, 2002
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      --- In APBR_analysis@y..., "HoopStudies" <deano@r...> wrote:

      > 3. How tight is the Eastern Conference? I don't think the Nets
      > a lock to come out of it at all. I read that Philly could easily
      > knock off the 1 seed because Iverson will be back for the
      > I saw something similar about Charlotte.

      Each team in the East playoffs has probably no better than a 20%
      chance, and I don't think I am being facetious.

      Indiana and Toronto are vying for the final spot, and we all know of
      the Pacers' explosiveness in the postseason (as long as Reggie is
      there). So an upset is quite possible at any level.

      Meanwhile, the Raps don't seem to miss Vince at all.

      Every east team has had a terrible stretch or two: Bucks, Pistons,
      Hornets have looked like doormats at times. Nets and Celtics are
      vulnerable, too.

      I will bail and say No Favorites.

      Mike G
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