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824A few questions

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  • HoopStudies
    Apr 3, 2002
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      I'm away for a while after today, but here are some of the questions
      in my head that I won't be able to tackle for a while:

      1. Why is Detroit so much better this year than last? Offense?
      Defense? Have the new players been important to one or the other?
      Or have Stackhouse, Wallace, etc. improved? (It's weird to
      say "Stackhouse and Wallace" again, just as I did when a different
      Wallace teamed with Stack at UNC.) Detroit should have won more
      games last year, based on their pt differential, but that's not all
      of it by any means.

      2. Is there any team that can beat the Lakers in the playoffs?
      How? Hack-a-Shaq (which we haven't heard anything about this year)?
      Stop the Big Two or stop the peripheral players? Are there any
      characteristics in the wins against the Lakers during the regular
      season that are applicable to the playoffs?

      3. How tight is the Eastern Conference? I don't think the Nets are
      a lock to come out of it at all. I read that Philly could easily
      knock off the 1 seed because Iverson will be back for the playoffs.
      I saw something similar about Charlotte.

      4. Re-evaluation of the Chicago-Indiana trade. MikeG posted some
      facts a couple weeks ago. With Indiana suffering a bit right now,
      I'm curious again. What are the teams' records since the trade?
      Have their been any other changes in individual/team performance? We
      would have expected that Artest's acquisition would have helped
      Indiana's team D. Did it? With Chicago cooling off, I am interested
      in why.

      5. Duke's Jason Williams: How good will he be? Why? Any similar
      players come to mind? How do their stats compare? What about Juan
      Dixon? Lonny Baxter entered the draft last year, but now no one is
      talking about him as even a draft possibility. Any other opinions?
      Has anyone seen this Qyntel Woods guy?

      6. What happened in Houston? Francis was out for a while. Did his
      performance decline, too? They lost Olajuwon, which should have hurt
      the D. Did it decline?

      7. David Stern recently said that because the economy is cooling,
      ticket prices should go down. What drugs is he on?

      That's a decent list.

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