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790RE: [APBR_analysis] Assigning Credit to Players

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  • McKibbin, Stuart
    Mar 14, 2002
      I'm not looking for formal studies, but rather gut feel from people
      on these, maybe with some explanation for the answers, maybe

      1. The point guard passes through the defense to a big man
      underneath the basket for a dunk. What percentage of the credit for
      the TEAM score should go to the passer vs. the scorer? Obviously,
      one player gets an assist and one gets the field goal, but,
      subjectively, should they split credit 50-50?

      If the pass is truly through the defense, that is, if the point guard had to see the opening and thread the ball at high velocity past defenders to the big man, (who then has to be able to handle the pass and not drop it) who dunks the ball without the defense being able to react then I'd give ALL of the credit to the PG. The PG made the play.

      2. A point guard passes to an unguarded mediocre shooter at the
      perimeter who makes a jump shot. How should credit be split here?

      NO credit should ever be given for making a basic pass. However, if the point guard penetrates and draws Mr. Mediocre's defender to him, and subsequently passes the ball to Mr. Mediocre who hits his wide open shot then PG should get ALL of the credit. Again, the PG made the play.

      9. A guard misses a jump shot, which is rebounded and stuck back in
      by a teammate. How much credit goes to the two players?

      I agree with others---what the hell did the guard do to earn credit? It sounds like his offensive rebounding teammate just bailed him out.

      10. A guard misses a jump shot, which is rebounded by a teammate.
      He passes back to the guard to restart the offense, which, after
      several passes, scores. How much credit should go to the offensive

      No more than should be given a guy for grabbing a defensive rebound, or stealing the ball, or taking the ball out of the net. Or for that matter, to the opponent for kicking the ball out of bounds. In other words if the offensive rebound doesn't lead DIRECTLY to the basket, who cares how you got the ball?
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