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789Re: Assigning Credit to Players

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  • HoopStudies
    Mar 14 11:42 AM
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      I won't say much yet on this, but I do want to introduce one aspect
      with regard to

      > > 9. A guard misses a jump shot, which is rebounded and stuck back
      > > by a teammate. How much credit goes to the two players?
      > >
      > Negative credit for the guard, unless you think he was passing it
      > the rim. Two credits for the rebounder - 1) regaining possession,
      > 2) making the basket.

      One of the things I remember hearing about Dominique Wilkins and have
      heard about Allen Iverson is that their shots are more often
      rebounded by their own team because their teammates know that they
      are going to shoot the ball. We already have put forth evidence (I
      think, I know I did the work) showing that Iverson's presence does
      help the Philly offense even though the boy sometimes can't hit the
      side of a barn with his shot.

      Just something to consider.

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