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604Re: [APBR_analysis] Re: nice methods

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  • Ed Weiland
    Feb 8, 2002
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      --- "Michael K. Tamada" <tamada@...> wrote:
      > On Thu, 7 Feb 2002, HoopStudies wrote:
      > > --- In APBR_analysis@y..., Ed Weiland
      > <weiland1029@y...> wrote:
      > > > Tyson Chandler has a chance to be a special
      > player. It
      > > > may take another year or two, but the talent is
      > > > obvious. I've don't think I've ever seen a
      > player this
      > > > tall who was as athletic.
      > >
      > > You've said this before. Given how rarely the
      > Bulls are on TV, it's
      > > no surprise I haven't seen him, but I am really
      > curious, though. Who
      > > do you think he is most similar to? Most people
      > say "tall"
      > > and "athletic" and they are referring to Kevin
      > Garnett. Is that
      > > realistic?
      > I'm curious too. I've only seen him once, in the LA
      > Pro Summer League
      > (actually I think it was called the Dada Summer
      > League this past summer).
      > At that point he was extremely raw and the two
      > crossroads for him that I
      > saw led to (a) Kevin Garnett and (b) Brad Sellers.
      > It was absolutely too
      > early to tell which way he would end up.

      Garnett is probably a stretch. One spin on draft day
      tried to sell Chandler and Curry as a future
      Shaq-Garnett tandem, which is pretty ridiculous, IMO.
      I doubt Chandler will ever develop Garnett's
      all-around game. He just doesn't seem to have the same
      personality. He seems more like a Webber/Barkley type
      personality-wise. That being an OK guy who sometimes
      rubs folks the wrong way. Not exactly an MJ when it
      comes to leadership. That's just my initial take on
      him though. I could easily be way off the mark here. I
      was concerned about Chandler being another Brad
      Sellers at first too. I doubt that will happen.
      Chandler is more athletic than Sellers and he doesn't
      play soft. Reckless yes, but not soft.

      Comparing him to other guys who skipped college in
      their rookie years, right now his offense comes up
      short compared to Garnett, Kobe and T-Mac. It seems
      that most of Chandler's points come from put backs,
      alley-oops and other high percentage shots. He's said
      to have good range, but I've yet to see it during a
      game. He also commits a ton of turnovers. On defense
      he looks pretty good. He uses his height and quickness
      very well. He does get burned on occasion, but that's
      to be expected from any rookie, let alone one straight
      from the preps. Also, he doesn't look completely
      overmatched, as Jonathan Bender did his first couple
      of seasons. Most of Chandler's problems seem to come
      from being tentative on the court. That's a common
      problem with rooks and it usually corrects itself in

      As far as comparing him to one guy, I would say
      Stuart's assessment "A taller, quicker David Robinson
      with no offense" is about as accurate as any. I
      suppose the more pessimistic types would call him a
      Brad Lohaus who can jump.

      > People who have seen him more often, throughout the
      > season, are in a much
      > better position to evaluate. But unless he starts
      > making some obvious
      > Kobe-type teenage strides, it could easily be 3-4
      > years before we know
      > where he'll end up. Or maybe it'll only take 1-2
      > years as Ed Weiland
      > says.

      Keeping in mind of course that Ed Weiland is just a
      fan and possibly an overly optimistic one at that, one

      might be better off trusting the experts here. Since
      Chandler has moved into the starting lineup, I'm
      guessing he'll get about 1000 more minutes this
      season. At season's end we should have a better idea
      of what he's going to become.

      Ed Weiland

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