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585Re: the Bad Team Effect

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  • mikel_ind
    Feb 5, 2002
      --- In APBR_analysis@y..., "alleyoop2" <alleyoop2@y...> wrote:
      > You could practically create your own micro-study just with Greg
      > Anthony. I was reading this the other day and then it occurred to
      > that after this year he will AGAIN be at the top of the good-to-bad
      > list when his Portland to Chicago move gets put in.

      Yep, Anthony is way up from last year, particularly in assists, which
      have almost tripled (3.0 to 8.1, per-36 min.).

      > To me, there's two good tests for a rating system. One is the David
      > Wesley Test - when a guy changes positions so that his
      > rates are altered, he still should rate about the same. The second
      > the Greg Anthony Test - when a guy goes from a good team to a crap
      > team or vice versa, he should still rate about the same.

      Anthony is obviously a guy who needs minutes, but not every player
      fits this mold. He gets assists, when asked to be the PG, and his
      scoring doesn't suffer.

      You just never know how a given player will respond to being asked to
      do more or less. Truck Robinson went from Phoenix to New York and
      was relieved of his scoring duties (he was playing alongside Bernard
      King). Truck complained like hell, and basically gave up.

      Vin Baker's problems cannot be attributed to his going to a better

      Every case is different, and even players who remain in place can
      suddenly swoon or burst into greatness one year.

      Mike Goodman
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