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  • A.P.
    Dec 19, 2007
      Try the NBA Operations Manual

      rbellotti@... wrote:
      Do you happen to know where one could get a copy of the NBA statistician' s manual?
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      From: "Marc" <nuscore@hotmail. com>
      I can tell you that requirements and results are different for college
      and NBA. In the NBA, teams can only play (2)forwards, (2)guards and a
      center and they are supposed to be listed in the opening boxscore,
      according to the NBA statisticians manual in the following order:
      Small Forward, Power Forward, Center, Point Guard, Shooting Guard

      The subs are then entered in order of appearance on the floor with any
      players who do not appear at the bottom of the box in alphabetical
      order with their reason for not appearing. The inactives for the game
      appear in a separate line and not in the boxscore itself.

      For college, there are no requirements for how many of which position
      is in the line-up. There can be 5 guards or 5 forwards or any
      mixture. The software used by most college teams will have the line-
      ups appear in the following way: forward(s) followed by center(s)
      followed by guard(s). In each category, the starters will be in o rder

      The subs will appear in numerical order no matter how they entered the
      game below the starters and players who do not get into the game will
      not appear anywhere on the boxscore.

      Hope this helps.
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      <baqontraq1211@ ...> wrote:
      > I have looked over older box scores and was wondering if there was
      > rhyme or reason to the way players are listed.
      > Specifically I am looking at the late 1950s and early 1960s at the
      > moment.
      > Are the players listed in the order in which they appeared in the
      > game? e.g Starting 5 followed by substitutions in the order in which
      > they entered the game? Or is it completely random?
      > Any insight would be be appreciated.

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