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5731If computers ran the NBA, Shaq would be benched

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  • Chris Long
    Oct 24, 2006
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      An excerpt from a current news article follows. I'm guessing this is a
      variation of the simplistic linear model based on differential points while
      on the court. Anyone have any details?


      NEW YORK (Reuters) - Shaquille O'Neal may be one of the best basketball
      players on the planet, but he should have been benched in this year's National
      Basketball Association championships.

      Or so concludes a new statistical measurement developed by Lenovo Group Ltd.,
      the world's third-largest personal computer maker. Introduced by Lenovo and the
      NBA on Monday, the statistic is supposed show which five players combine to
      make the best team on the court at any one time.
      Chris Long, San Diego Padres, 100 Park Boulevard, San Diego CA

      Score: 0, Diff: 1, clong killed by a Harvard Math Team on 1