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5719Need help for historical research for NBA website and national publication

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  • legioncamp2002
    Jun 12, 2005
      Over the last 25 years I have written about Canadian basketball for
      the NBA...most recently for NBA.com on the history of all Canadians
      to ever play or be drafted into the NBA (total 33 -17 played and 16
      drafted that never played)
      There is a Canadian named Richard Spears who informs me that he was
      drafted by St. Louis Hawks in the 1964? Yet we do not have him
      Here is the St. Louis draft for such year that I have found on every
      Rnd Name College/HS/Country Note
      1 Jeff Mullins Duke
      2 Paul Silas Creighton
      3 Art Becker Arizona State
      4 Willie Murrell Kansas State
      5 John Tresvant Seattle
      6 Ernest Brock Virginia State
      7 Maurice McHartley North Carolina A&T
      8 Kendall Rhine Rice
      9 Darel Carrier Western Kentucky
      10 Frank Stephens Virginia State
      11 Gerald Govan St. Mary of the Plains
      12 Warren Sutton George Williams
      13 Cecil Tuttle Georgetown (KY)
      14 Bill Blair Virginia Military
      15 Al Cech Detroit

      Mr. Spears, who was a standout Canadian university player, sent me
      this below e-mail for my site www.frozenhoops.com stating that he
      was selected by the St. Louis Hawks in the same 1964 draft....

      "Greetings Curtis. Cannot find my letter from the Hawks but many of
      my teammates at the time saw it. Steve Konchalski was one of them.
      Here is what I have: 1965 edition of Pro Basketball- "a topical
      sports library book"
      Draft Choices:
      Jeff Mullins ,Duke
      Paul Silas,Creighton
      Art Becker,Arizona State
      Wllie Murrell,Kansas State
      John Trasvant,Seattle
      Eernie Brock ,Virginia State
      Maurice McHeartley, North Carolina A and T
      Kendall Rhine,Rice
      Darel Carrier, Western Kentucky
      Frank Stephens, Virginia State
      Gerry Geron,St.Mary's Kan
      Warren Sutton, Sir George Williams
      Cecil Tuttle,Georgetown, Ky
      Rich Spears, Acadia, Canada
      Bill Blair, Detroit

      Topical Magazines ,Inc Division Street, Derby Conn-published
      quarterly Douglas Allen, Editorial Director

      So it appears he was drafted in either the 13th or 14th round? Can
      anybody help me as would like to correct such for the NBA if this is
      the case? Also need info for story I am doing for our national
      publication Ballerz Magazine.....
      The NBA has no info on such either?

      For your info here is the overall Canadian content I wrote for the

      The following Canadians have played in the NBA (current players in

      Norm Baker Chicago 46-47
      Hank Biasatti Toronto 46-47
      Ron Crevier Golden State, Detroit 85-86
      Selected by Chicago, 1983 NBA Draft, 75th pick
      Rick Fox Boston 91-92 to 96-97
      LA Lakers 97-98 to present
      Selected by Boston, 1991 NBA Draft, 24th pick
      Stewart Granger Cleveland 83-84
      Atlanta 84-85
      New York 86-87
      Selected by Cleveland, 1983 NBA Draft, 24th pick
      Lars Hansen Seattle 78-79
      Selected by Chicago, 1976 NBA Draft, 37th pick
      Brian Heaney Baltimore 69-70
      Selected by Baltimore, 1969 NBA Draft, 215th pick
      Bob Houbregs Milwaukee and Baltimore 53-54
      Baltimore-Boston-Fort Wayne 54-55
      Fort Wayne/Detroit 55-56 to 57-58
      Selected by Milwaukee, 1953 NBA Draft
      Todd MacCulloch Philadelphia 99-00 and 00-01
      New Jersey 01-02
      Philadelphia 02-03 to present
      Selected by Philadelphia, 1999 NBA Draft, 47th pick
      Jamaal Magloire Charlotte/New Orleans 00-01 to present
      Selected by Charlotte, 2000 NBA Draft, 19th pick
      Steve Nash Phoenix 96-97 and 97-98
      Dallas 98-99 to present
      Selected by Phoenix, 1996 NBA Draft, 15th pick
      Leo Rautins Philadelphia 83-84
      Atlanta 84-85
      Selected by Philadelphia, 1983 NBA Draft, 17th pick
      Mike Smrek Chicago 85-86
      LA Lakers 86-87 to 87-88
      San Antonio 88-89
      Golden State 89-90
      Golden State, Clippers 90-91
      Golden State 91-92
      Selected by Portland, 1985 NBA Draft, 25th pick
      Gino Sovran Toronto 46-47
      Ernie Vandeweghe New York 49-50 to 53-54 and 55-56
      Selected by New York, 1949 NBA Draft
      Bill Wennington Dallas 85-86 to 89-90
      Sacramento 90-91 and 99-00
      Chicago 93-94 to 98-99
      Selected by Dallas, 1985 NBA Draft, 16th pick
      Jim Zoet Detroit 82-83

      Additional Canadians drafted by NBA teams:

      Mike Brkovich
      Milwaukee, 1981 NBA Draft, 181st

      David Coulthard
      Detroit, 1982 NBA Draft, 214th

      Bob Croft
      Boston, 1970 NBA Draft, 123rd

      Mickey Fox
      Detroit, 1975 NBA Draft, 169th
      Portland, 1979 NBA Draft, 56th

      Joe Kazanowski

      Dan Meagher
      Utah, 1983 NBA Draft, 146th

      Chicago, 1985 NBA Draft, 125th

      Perry Mirkovich

      Barry Mungar
      Portland, 1980 NBA Draft, 125th

      Washington, 1986 Draft, 82nd

      William Njoku
      Indiana, 1994 NBA Draft, 41st

      Eli Pasquale
      Seattle, 1984 NBA Draft, 106th

      George Rautins
      Buffalo, 1975 NBA Draft, 158th

      Tony Simms

      Karl Tilleman
      New York, 1983 NBA Draft 128th pick

      Denver, 1984 NBA Draft, 79th

      Phil Tollestrop

      Jay Triano
      Buffalo 1973 NBA Draft 211th

      LA Lakers, 1981 NBA Draft, 179th

      Greg Wiltjer
      Chicago, 1984 NBA Draft, 43rd

      * Some players may be added to above list. For example current
      Philadelphia 76er's Samuel Dalembert came to Canada from Haiti when
      he was 14 and really only played two years of organized basketball
      here before relocating to the U.S. of A and he has never taken out
      Canadian citzenship. Former L.A. Laker's guard Michael Penberthy
      once talked about becoming a Canadian citizen as the California
      natives mother is from London Ontario.

      Fellow APBR member Curtis J. Phillips