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5713RE: [APBR_analysis] Referee study: Help coding referee race

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  • Michael Tamada
    Apr 19, 2005
      Hi Justin --

      This group is largely dead, moved to SonicCentral.com/abprmetrics, but I believe I already saw you place this query there.

      Going strictly by appearances (this could lead to mis-guesses, e.g. if I saw Jason Kidd I'd probably guess he was White):

      Jack Madden was definitely White (in appearance). A longtime prominent ref in the NBA (I saw him once call 5 technical fouls on the Celtics and their coaches in about 10 seconds).

      Jake O'Donnell, same.

      There are several others who I'm pretty sure are White but I better not say because I may've been thinking of someone else.

      "Arzoumanian" sounds like an Armenian name, and Armenians are considered to be White (by the Federal census definitions; often they check off "Other" instead of "White"). But I don't know what he actually looked like so I cannot vouch for his ethnicity.


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      From: Justin Wolfers [mailto:justinwolfers@...]
      Sent: Tuesday, April 19, 2005 11:52 AM
      To: APBR_analysis@yahoogroups.com
      Subject: [APBR_analysis] Referee study: Help coding referee race

      Hi. Let me start by introducing myself - Justin Wolfers - an
      economist, currently doing research on the NBA. Specifically, as
      many of you know, the NBA is majority African-American, while the
      refereeing corps are majority white. We are interested in trying to
      figure out whether this has any effects: Are white players treated
      differently by white referees, and are black players treated
      differently by black referees.

      We are in the midst of compiling our dataset. The toughest thing to
      do so far has been to code the race of the game officials; so far we
      have been content to take a best guesstimate based on press photos
      of the games.

      So, our request for help:
      a) Does anybody know of a systematic collection of data or photos
      regarding NBA officials for the past 15 years?

      b) We are currently doing this by hand, and think that we've
      succeeded with about two-thirds of past referees. We are hopeful
      that a few keen-eyed fans will recall the race of some of those we
      are yet to find photos of.

      If you can help us with even one or two of these, I would be most

      Specifically, our uncoded list of officials includes:
      Hank Armstrong
      Ron Arthur
      Suren Arzoumanian
      Mark Ayotte
      Bruce Bell
      Mike Bobiak
      Joe Borgia
      Jim Capers
      Craig Carmichael
      Ed Clarke
      Keith Cooper
      Mike Costabile
      Ed Crawford
      Mike Crumb
      Joe Derosa
      Gary Forest
      John Fullilove
      Ed Gaines
      Michael Glass
      Marcel Godfrey
      John Heatly
      Joe Henderson
      Darrell Humphrey
      Steve Javie
      Lee Jones
      Mike Krom
      Mike Lawerman
      Joe Lindsay
      Jack Madden
      Mike Maloney
      Woody Mayfield
      Quintin Murphy
      Jake O'donnell
      Larry Onusz
      Olandis Poole
      Troy Raymond
      Doug Rogan
      Wally Rooney
      Bennett Salvatore
      Bob Schoewe
      Troy Stevenson
      Ken Taylor
      George Toliver
      Allen Williams
      Kenneth Wilson
      Keith Winfrey
      Tommie Wodd
      Lionel Yates
      (and possibly a referee by the name of "Sehr").

      c) If anyone is aware of any related research, we would be most

      I'm happy to take responses offline (justinwolfers@...), and
      share them with others, or take responses here on the boards.



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