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5706Re: run and gun

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  • John Hollinger
    Feb 3, 2005
      For those who somehow have missed all the promos, Grinnell will be on ESPN2 tonight at
      9, which I guess is 6 for practically everyone else here except Dan and me.

      --- In APBR_analysis@yahoogroups.com, Mike Harris <GENIE@p...> wrote:
      > Mike G wrote:
      > >The Grinnell style makes me think of how I was thinking of getting
      > >on Jeopardy and playing: just press the buzzer every time,
      > >immediately. Shut out the other players; hit and miss a bunch. The
      > >competition might get frustrated, copy my style, and do even worse.
      > >
      > >At some point the "travesty" laws might be invoked. When a strategy
      > >just buries your chances, and yet you persist, what else would it be
      > >called?
      > >
      > Not to be a wet blanket, but that wouldn't work. You can't buzz in
      > until Alex is done reading and a little light comes on. If you do buzz
      > before that, you're locked out of buzzing (for a certain number of
      > seconds I believe). That's why the ability to time the buzzer is so
      > important.
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