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561Re: Again on the Rider's of the world

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  • thedawgsareout
    Feb 1 2:08 PM
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      --- In APBR_analysis@y..., "John W. Craven" <john1974@u...> wrote:
      > Actually, exactly the opposite. A mediocre player on a bad team
      will put up numbers ahead of what he's shown to be "capable" of. I
      noticed this in the expansion years.

      I may too be mis-reading this, but wouldn't that really only be the
      case if we were looking at primary statistics? Yes, the scoring
      average may go up, but any effective system of statistical analysis
      is going to show that this isn't an improvement, but merely the
      effect of more chances.

      If we're looking at a player's offensive effectiveness based in
      significant part on an efficiency ratio like points in possessions
      used, or something like that, I think the opposite effect is seen
      with secondary players. A guy that depends on teammates (Steve Kerr,
      for example) to create for him is going to have effectiveness which
      is largely a function of the quality of said teammates.

      It's my opinion (hope?) that doing something along the lines of my
      unassisted/assisted field goal project (I'm putting the results at
      www.sonicscentral.com/assists/index.html in case anyone besides DeanO
      is interested) will help to control to some extent for this effect.
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