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  • John Hollinger
    Jan 4, 2005
      >>>this could shape up to be
      the best Sonics season since 1978

      Woooooooooaahhhhh -- didn't they win 64 games with Glove and Rainman?

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      > From: Dean Oliver [mailto:deano@r...]
      > Sent: Tuesday, January 04, 2005 10:51 AM
      > [...]
      > >beliefs, is valuable. Giving them tools to improve the players or
      > >to use the players (two different things) -- that's more valuable
      > >overall ratings and that can come from some of what Roland has.
      > One great thing about the Sonics and Suns is that they've continued
      > trail set by the Kings and Mavericks, showing that one can have an
      > up-tempo, offensively oriented team which is nonetheless a good
      > (Championship team? That's another matter).
      > And the Sonics, if one believes that their roster is not filled with
      > a particularly scary amount of talent, have continued the examples
      > shown by the Pistons, Argentinian Olympic team, etc. in which team
      > play and team effort overcame the seemingly superior individual
      > level of teams such as the Lakers and USA Olympic team.
      > Up-tempo, team-oriented basketball. What a concept.
      > [...]
      > >get canned often. Success is winning a bit in the playoffs. So we
      > >have a lot left to accomplish -- well beyond any regular season win
      > >total -- to consider this season a success.
      > As I've mentioned on a Sonics email list, this could shape up to be
      > the best Sonics season since 1978 -- although the Sonics will at
      > a minimum have to make it to the Finals to match that incredible
      > Cinderella season. But I think even non-Sonics fans have to
      > appreciate what the Sonics and Suns have accomplished so far this
      > season. DeanO's right that they really haven't accomplished
      > yet, the season's only 1/3 over so it's too early to be handing out
      > awards, but what a 1/3 of a season it's been. Some positives have
      > been going on, to balance out the Pacer-Piston slugfest.
      > --MKT
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