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  • Mike G
    Jan 3, 2005
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      --- In APBR_analysis@yahoogroups.com, "wizardskev" <kevinbroom@r...>
      > Interesting stuff, and a lot of interesting stuff throughout the
      > I liked the piece in the archives about the value of a 2nd round

      Harlan does the writing analysis. He just lets me put up stats.

      > Forgive me if you've already explained, but what's a "T rate"? How
      > it calculated? What does the efficiency % measure?

      "Eff%" is my way of avoiding actually naming this stat. It can be
      pronounced "effective %", "scoring efficiency" , or whatever. This
      is just baskets (or equivalent) per attempt: Eff% = Pts/(FGA*2 +

      Having been pressed to name my overall ranking number, I also
      sidestepped this one. Total Rate is a default name for a weighted
      total of other stats. The weights I've used the last couple of
      seasons are:

      Sco 1.0
      Reb 1.0
      Ast 1.333
      PF -0.25
      Stl 1.5
      TO -1.25
      Blk 1.5

      A player's scoring rate is multiplied by a ratio of his Eff% divided
      by an arbitrary average. Pts, Reb, and Ast are all scaled to the
      relative abundance of these quantities in the teams' games.

      > --- In APBR_analysis@yahoogroups.com, "Mike G" <msg_53@h...> wrote:
      > >
      > > Here's an online look at my latest rankings:
      > >
      > > http://hoopsanalyst.com/msg6.htm
      > >
      > >
      > > (Comments are more than welcome.)
      > >
      > >
      > > Thanks to "harlanzo"
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