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5355Re: similarity scores

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  • thedawgsareout
    Dec 6, 2004
      > Using the (3FG * 3FG%)/MP is a way to rate players in these
      > categories that I hadn't considered; I'll have to put these into
      > my formulae and see how the output shapes up.

      That's a good way of doing it. I considered it (I think) before
      deciding to go with something along the same lines but slightly

      I'm not sure, however, that it makes sense to do the same for two-
      point percentage, in that you don't have the kind of sample size
      issues with twos you have with threes (i.e. Player X goes 2-3 --
      that obviously isn't sufficient to conclude he's a 67% three-poitn
      shooter) and in that two-point attempts are already contained
      somewhat in possession rate.

      I'd also suggest reporting your scores out of 100 instead of 1000,
      since that's the format we're generally used to.
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