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  • bchaikin@aol.com
    Nov 27, 2004

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      >  "Mike G"
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      > >
      > > Why has this guy gone from
      being a journeyman and scoring
      > > specialist, to being the main man
      for Jeff Van Gundy?

      > Van Gundy is one of those coaches who likes
      "his guys." ...he
      won't take bad shots and
      > commit TOs, to other JVG
      no nos.

      [John H wrote:]
      >I'm guessing it's also easier to play a
      lot of minutes when all you
      >do on offense is stand in the corner and wait
      for a 3-pointer...

      So the reasons boil down to "because he does" and "because he can", I guess.

      My question remains basically untouched: Other than his decent shooting %, his TO rate doesn't seem that spotless.  Therefore, What Is It about Jim Jackson that van Gundy likes So Much ?

      It just seems unprecedented for a player to be such a vagabond and at age 33 to lead the league in minutes (or at least lead his team.)

      Normally, players with such a resume' are playing on borrowed time at best; I'm reminded of Rider, Tony Campbell, and the like.  Hired guns without much else to offer.

      Surely there are other players who can "stand around waiting for a 3", and do it for 40 minutes.  Others who don't take bad shots.  These guys are usually platoon types.

      No one knows precisely how a coach thinks.  I just find it to be a unique situation.
      couple points on perhaps why van gundy may have selected jimmy jackson for the SF slot and why he played so many minutes...
      thinking he wanted to surround his new center with some outside shooting to keep the double teams off of yao ming, in 02-03 Rudy T employed at SF two players - james posey who played D, hit the defensive boards, but couldn't hit the 3 (at least that season, just 33%, and just 31% the 4 seasons before in Denver), and glen rice who hit the 3 (40%) but didn't play any D nor rebound, and knowing glen probably wasn't in the best of shape. those two combined for 3000+ minutes that year. also that season steve francis and cuttino mobley combined for 500+ three attempts but each hit only 35%. so i'm guessing that van gundy saw this and consequently along the same lines as Rudy T was just looking for a player who could play the SF spot, play some D and hit his threes, and stay in shape, and not require much more from him...
      for the 4 seasons prior to 03-04, as a "journeyman" playing on 4 different teams (atl, cle, mia, sac), jackson hit 40% of his 3s (on over 500 3pt attempts mind you), and was seen playing some defense in 02-03 in Sacramento. gundy saw this so in the offseason he picked him up hoping for just those attributes rudy T was looking for...
      sure enough in 03-04 jackson played some D and hit his 3s like rice did the year before, looked to be in excellent shape like rice wasn't but posey was, so could play extended minutes if need be, plus hit the defensive boards like posey had the year before but rice didn't. an assumption might be he did both very good early on in the 03-04 season, so since he was giving his coach just what he was looking for (and not much more), and what another coach needed 2 guys to do the year before, gundy just rode with him the rest of the year. his backups at SF in 03-04 were most likely eric piatkowski and clarence weatherspoon, a good shooter average defender and an undersized PF playing SF (they had kelvin cato and maurice taylor to play PF). so viola jackson plays major minutes...
      finally, jackson had a relatively cheap contract (and still does thru the 04-05 and 05-06 seasons, less tham $3 mil per), so this season with mcgrady around to provide major offense (but not major defense), and yao as the 2nd option on offense, as long as jackson plays D, stays healthy, and hits his 3s, he could easily end up playing major minutes again, covering any major offensive threats at G so mcgrady doesn't have to...
      bob chaikin

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