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  • Mike G
    Nov 27, 2004
      --- In APBR_analysis@yahoogroups.com, "harlanzo" <harlanzo@y...>
      > "Mike G" <msg_53@h...> wrote:
      > >
      > > Why has this guy gone from being a journeyman and scoring
      > > specialist, to being the main man for Jeff Van Gundy?

      > Van Gundy is one of those coaches who likes "his guys." ...he
      won't take bad shots and
      > commit TOs, to other JVG no nos.

      [John H wrote:]
      >I'm guessing it's also easier to play a lot of minutes when all you
      >do on offense is stand in the corner and wait for a 3-pointer...

      So the reasons boil down to "because he does" and "because he can",
      I guess.

      My question remains basically untouched: Other than his decent
      shooting %, his TO rate doesn't seem that spotless. Therefore, What
      Is It about Jim Jackson that van Gundy likes So Much ?

      It just seems unprecedented for a player to be such a vagabond and
      at age 33 to lead the league in minutes (or at least lead his team.)

      Normally, players with such a resume' are playing on borrowed time
      at best; I'm reminded of Rider, Tony Campbell, and the like. Hired
      guns without much else to offer.

      Surely there are other players who can "stand around waiting for a
      3", and do it for 40 minutes. Others who don't take bad shots.
      These guys are usually platoon types.

      No one knows precisely how a coach thinks. I just find it to be a
      unique situation.
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