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5192Re: Fouls & Minutes per Game (Gadzuric)

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  • John Hollinger
    Nov 2, 2004
      I have to wonder how much of a factor teammates are as well. If you
      pair Gadzuric with a big burly power forward, maybe he can avoid
      matchups that require him to foul incessantly. But pair him with Joe
      Smith or Toni Kukoc and you've got a problem.

      In the "I wish ..." category, it'd help answer our question if the
      NBA differentiated among types of fouls, especially between over the
      back offensive rebound fouls, stupid 30-foot-from-the-basket fouls,
      and cracking a guy in the skull to save a layup fouls.

      > So, in short, Gadzuric is the one guy who's young and got skills
      > isn't fat (or is he?), among those we've mentioned. Stamina is
      > a factor; maybe he's a smoker. Or lazy.
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