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5112Re: How do you know if someone is a good passer?

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  • nickouli5
    Oct 2, 2004
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      Most people judge players or teams as being 'good' at passing if they
      are either creative with it and looking smooth, making the simple
      open pass frequently, or simply racking up a high number of assists.

      Question is, how do you define if a TEAM is good at passing, or even
      a player?

      Lets say a team on average for an 82 game season has less APG than an
      opposing team, does that mean they are weaker passing the basketball?
      Should it be a function of APG/Field Goals Made?

      Should an ASSIST/TURNOVER ratio be a key indicator? What if a player
      simply has a nice ratio, but does not produce many assists? What if a
      team blows away another in total assists per game, or even assists
      per FGM -- but has a proprtionally worse turnover ratio? Are they
      both EVEN at passing?

      What determines how good a player or team is at passing? Is it a
      combination of A/TO, simple APG and differential from their opposing
      teams A/TO and APG?

      Or is it simple enough to watch the team and see their creativity and
      assume they might be the best, even though they might be turnover

      Any ideas or thoughts?
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