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4958Re: DeanO's Olympic interpretations

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  • Adam
    Sep 7 4:12 PM
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      Has this definitively been done? I mean has someone taken on the
      huge task of using league averages for every statistical category
      (and projected averages for those not recorded in earlier years) for
      each year of the nba (& even aba) and weighted career averages for
      players accordingly?...

      --- In APBR_analysis@yahoogroups.com, "harlanzo" <harlanzo@y...>
      > I guess there are two levels to comparing player X from 1960 and
      > player Y from 1995. The first is how to account for statistical
      > trends (ie high scoring and boarding but low shooting 60s v. low
      > scoring 90s). For example, Walt Bellamy's rookie year (61-62) is
      > far his best year statwise and easily exceeds his prime years. Is
      > this early peak or a product of the times he played in? Probably
      > the former. Indeed, the number of guys (including Wilt) who hit
      > their ppg peak in 61-62 is pretty staggering.
      > The second issue whether improvements/decline in skill account for
      > some of the stat differences. We all have our theories on this
      > point and I tend to think play has improved over time, though the
      > growth curve probably has flatlined since the late 80s. Gathering
      > evidence of this is a bit more difficult. But the subissues on
      > point that I've identified:
      > 1) Improvement in coaching/physical science
      > 2) Expansion of talent pool (first African Americans then
      > are in the game. But this can obivously cut both ways as there are
      > many more teams now then in early days. )
      > 3) Subjective stuff: like watching a games from different eras and
      > drawing conclusions or exmaining the opinions of
      > players/fans/writers from the early days who've seen the NBA
      > the years.
      > I do think that forgetting the issue of improvment/decline over
      > time, stats from different eras must be normalized to place them
      > into a meaningul context. As the baseball folks show, this is
      > usually best done by comparing how much better each player was
      > versus the league averages of his time.
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