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4676Re: the Ruben Patterson effect

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  • Daniel Flemming
    Aug 5, 2004
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      On Wed, 4 Aug 2004 smckibbi@... wrote:

      > Great idea. Perhaps the criteria for deciding which swingman is guarding who
      > would be the team's overall def points per 100 possessions when the swingman
      > is on the court. The one with the lower pts/100 poss is guarding the better
      > offensive player.

      No, this is wrong. It's wrong because it favours bench players. Guys like
      Bowen and Artest (and especially Bowen, because he's older) usually don't
      guard the opposing bench's best player; they take a rest when the other
      side's coach brings his bench players onto the floor.

      You get a guy like Peterson on the Raptors, he's usually on the floor when
      the other side's bench is, and usually not when their starters are. Now,
      he's a good defender, but his stats are going to get enhanced under this

      Here's a Modest Proposal: Track the overall offensive production per
      minute or possession of the opposing team's players that a particular
      player defends. Compare that to their offensive production per minute or
      possession while he's on the floor. A negative result means a good
      defender, a positive result means a bad one, zero means average.
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