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4459Re: [APBR_analysis] Incentive Contracts

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  • igor eduardo küpfer
    Jul 7, 2004
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      tajallie@... wrote:
      > Anybody know how incentive contracts are calculated with regards to
      > salary cap calculations? Do they count the maxmimum or some formula
      > on likely achievable measures? I understand Camby's contract includes
      > incentive based on games played and looking at his history I wonder
      > if the Nugs will have more cap space than people think

      I don't think it will affect the Nug's cap space much.


      59. Can incentives be built into a contract? How do they count against the

      Performance bonuses (incentives) are allowed, but they are limited to 25% of
      the value of the contract [...]

      Incentives are included in team salary if they are "likely to be achieved."
      They do not count if they are not likely to be achieved [...] The league
      office determines what is likely and what is not. Their general guideline is
      whether the criteria was achieved in the previous year. For example, if a
      player had seven assists per game the previous season, then an incentive
      based on seven assists per game would probably be classified as "likely to
      be achieved," but an incentive based on eight assists per game would
      probably be classified as "not likely to be achieved."


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