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406Re: [APBR_analysis] Re: New file uploaded to APBR_analysis

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  • Michael K. Tamada
    Jan 10, 2002
      On Thu, 10 Jan 2002, HoopStudies wrote:


      > ability. I have generally assumed that players abilities to perform
      > goes down the more they have to do it (because they defense will stop
      > them preferentially). I am working on some research right now that
      > is based on this principal, but is a much simpler game than
      > basketball.
      > The conceptual idea is 2 players (A and B), 2 skills (a and b), each
      > player can do each skills but with different performance curves,
      > where their ability to do each of the skills varies with how often
      > they must do them. If they have to shoot all the time, for example,
      > they will not be especially proficient. The goal is to optimize the
      > <<reward>>, and that reward is a function of accomplishing the 2
      > skills. That is the simplification. Once I start some simulations,

      Interesting, this sounds similar to the "James Donaldson vs World B Free"
      analysis that I mentioned in response to Stuart McKibbin's post. As I
      mentioned there, there's some difficulties, and even more difficulties
      when you take into account possible differences between different types of
      "go-to guys", as I mentioned in reply to one of Mike G's posts: some
      go-to guys simply hog the good scoring opportunities, making the offense
      cater to them to set them up for good shots. And leaving only crummy
      shots for their teammates to take. Whereas other go-to guys "make their
      teammates better" by creating more scoring oppotunities, or making their
      teammates' scoring easier.

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