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3945RE: [APBR_analysis] The most important stat that nobody seems to use! (PER differential)

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  • Daniel Dickey
    May 7 5:27 PM
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      >From: "mrintp2000" <shzys@...>
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      >Subject: [APBR_analysis] The most important stat that nobody seems to use!
      >(PER differential)
      >Date: Mon, 03 May 2004 23:11:09 -0000
      >I've read a lot of the discussion about the PER and many people seem
      >to correctly regard it as the best way to measure a players
      >production. But even better, is to measure a player production vs. his
      >opposing player. This way, defense is correctly valued by the stats
      >without an overemphasis on creating defensive stats that don't exist
      >or overvaluing unimportant stats. Allow me to illustrate with an

      Isn't zone played some in the NBA? Don't players play a variety of matchups
      in a game?

      Isn't it often hard to classify what position a player really plays (let
      alone the position he defends)?

      Don't get me wrong - the PER differential can give SOME insight. But we
      need to remember the limitations.

      I can promise you that Reggie Miller's low opposing SG PER can be greatly
      attributed to Ron Artest (and maybe a few others). That's the type of thing
      I'm talking about.

      Dan D.

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