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38Re: [APBR_analysis] Re: Kidd v. KJ and comparing eras

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  • Robert Bradley
    Mar 8, 2001
      > For their careers:
      > Westphal: sco 20.8, reb 2.5, ast 5.6, stl 1.7, TO 3.2, blk .4
      > DJohnson: 14.4 4.3 5.2 1.5 2.6 .7
      > regular season totals: Westphal 29.9, DJ 25.4
      > playoff totals: Westphal 25.8, DJ 25.7
      > Westphal was the more skilled player in general.
      > Dennis Johnson played better under pressure and against greater
      > competition.
      > I rate DJ #66 alltime, Westphal #120

      Johnson of course enjoyed a much longer period of productivity and was
      far superior defensively, Westphal was as good offensively as Maravich
      an Gervin in the late 70s when he was playing in Phoenix before his
      foot problems began.

      An interesting trade - Westphal, the great offensive player, for
      Johnson the great defensive player. Obviously Phoenix got the better
      of the deal with Westphal's injury in Seattle, but up to that point I'd
      consider Westy superior.

      Did your alltime rating take into account longevity or team W-L record?
      (just curious)

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