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373Re: [APBR_analysis] Elton Brand, revisited

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  • Ed Weiland
    Dec 28, 2001
      --- mikel_ind <msg_53@...> wrote:
      > >
      > The issue of All-Stars (or MVPs) being named from
      > bad teams (they
      > never are), is another one that doesn't go away by
      > ignoring such
      > players. It is now clear that Elton Brand at least
      > kept the Bulls in
      > most of their games, whereas without him, they could
      > just fold the
      > franchise without much effect on the league.

      Ouch! I don't think they're going to fold the
      franchise that leads the league in attendance.
      Question the intelligence of the fans maybe, but they
      won't fold the team. David Stern is a little smarter
      than Bud Selig. : )

      I will say this about the Brand trade. I'm hating it
      less and less the more I watch Tyson Chandler play.
      He's erratic as hell, but the talent is obvious and
      he's starting to pile up some decent numbers in those
      rare minutes he gets court time.

      That brings us to another matter: Tim Floyd. Floyd was
      a bad coach. He had no idea of what it took to coach
      in the NBA and he was horrible at developing young
      players. I would go so far as to say Brand's decline
      in his sophomore season and his subsequent improvement
      this season are somewhat related to playing for and
      getting away from Floyd. Brand isn't the only example.
      Ron Artest also suffered a decline in his sophomore
      season. Corey Benjamin was constantly jerked in and
      out of the lineup in favor of bad players like Rusty
      LaRue and Chris Carr. Jamal Crawford followed up a
      stellar performance early last season with three
      straight DNP-CDs. This while the legendary duo of
      Khalid el-Amin and Bryce Drew manned the point. Floyd
      also fueded with Crawford and Artest over the fact
      that they wore headbands on the court. Marcus Fizer
      has shown little if anything.

      I believe Cartwright will be a good hire and as the
      season progresses, I suspect we'll see the improvement
      from the young players that never happened under
      Floyd. I actually feel good about the direction this
      team is going in now. This could just be the fan in me
      talking, but I really believe this team is closer than
      anyone thinks they are to turning the corner. There is
      some good young talent in place, they just need the
      right guy to sort through it, develop it and make a
      team out of it. Hopefully Cartwright is that guy.

      Ed Weiland

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