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3683RE: [APBR_analysis] Re: Dampier (was Article from _The Economist_)

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  • Michael Tamada
    Apr 6, 2004
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      From: Michael Tamada
      Sent: Tuesday, April 06, 2004 2:09 PM


      >Nice, it could be part of a "basketballgraphs.com" website, a counterpart
      >to "baseballgraphs.com". However it looks like your aging curve is based
      >on all the plotted points? I think it'd be better to instead plot 54
      >separate aging curves, and take the average of them ... wait no that would
      >lead to the same result that you already got. I guess what I mean is this:


      >whatever group). Instead we'd want to look at what the typical *change
      >in performance* is for a 30-year old, compared to what he did as a 29-year
      >old. And then correcting for the things that MikeG mentioned: big players may

      Clarifying: so the averages that we'd plot would be based on a player's CHANGE
      from the year before, rather than averages of their level at that year.

      >Steve Kerr, etc.). But on the other hand, an inside-oriented player who
      >starts getting old has the potential to change his game and increase the
      >dimensions of his offense, specifically by developing an outside shot -- and
      >can thus prolong his career or slow down his decline. Jordan and Erving
      >certainly did this; dunking less and shooting outside more as they got older.
      >I think Karl Malone did too, at least I don't remember him taking as many
      >outside shots in his younger days.

      I forgot to mention also how players such as Jack Sikma and Kevin McChale
      started adding 3-pointers to their offensive reportoires in their later years.
      Oh, and Sam Perkins. And other players such as Terry Cummings and Ron Harper
      seem to extend their careers by stopping from shooting period, and just becoming
      defensive role players.

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