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368Elton Brand, revisited

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  • mikel_ind
    Dec 26, 2001
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      A few months ago, the Elton Brand trade (giveaway) brought some
      speculation on this board. As I recall, some here believed Brand's
      fine production with the Bulls would be diminished in the forward-
      heavy Western Conference.

      Someone suggested (based on a measure individual productivity)
      perhaps it were about as likely, that Brand's numbers would
      actually improve, in an uptempo situation with other creative
      scorers. This has apparently been the case.

      All Brand's personal stats are up this season, with the exception of
      assist rate, which typically dips with a team change. At least part
      of this is probably due to dedication and concentration, indicated by
      his FT shooting improving about .050.

      It would be quite an irony, if the best PF in the East the last 2
      years, denied an All-Star spot, should get this honor in the West.

      The issue of All-Stars (or MVPs) being named from bad teams (they
      never are), is another one that doesn't go away by ignoring such
      players. It is now clear that Elton Brand at least kept the Bulls in
      most of their games, whereas without him, they could just fold the
      franchise without much effect on the league.

      Mike Goodman
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