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  • harlanzo
    Dec 25, 2001
      This article is interesting stuff but the conclusions of course take
      away from the methods. THe idea that the best player in the league
      was Rodman is obviously untenable. The method did seem accurate on a
      team level. This leads me to believe that at the very least some
      positional adjustments should be made. In addition, linking a
      player's "efficiency" (or whatever else you want to call it) with not
      missing shots or making turnovers ignores that Rodman and players
      like Outlaw and Jayson Williams are afraid to dribble or shoot the
      ball. I assume these methods would slam Iverson as inefficient but,
      in reality, no GM would trade Iverson for any of those guys. So I
      wonder what we can isolate statistically that quantifies IVerson's
      prodcutivity over guys like these.

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