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35Re: [APBR_analysis] Re: Kidd v. KJ and comparing eras

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  • Robert Bradley
    Mar 8, 2001
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      > This gets at Q#2 and I would tend to agree (not strongly). Looking
      > at the
      > current Suns team is a tougher call for me. I think Kidd is a very
      > important part of a good defense and KJ would hurt that. (Completely
      > ignoring the injury factor, too.)

      Personally, I think Johnson would be a better fit on the current team
      considering their weaknesses (which are scoring and perimeter shooting
      - two areas he has a big advantage over Kidd). Kidd would probably fit
      in much better on some teams such as Philadelphia or the Lakers where
      he would have a big scorer to compliment him. And I agree Kidd's a
      better defender, but smaller, quicker guards do give him a problem at

      Now who's better - Paul Westphal or Dennis Johnson? Talk about
      complete opposites....

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